Hundreds of CrossFit Affiliate teams & Functional Fitness Gyms of six (3 males & 3 females) battle it out for the top spots in RXD, Scaled, Masters and Teen divisions.

Two day Qualifier Events are held across Australia to find the top affiliates in each state that will then progress to the National Final in Sydney on December 2nd & 3rd 2017.  After each event, rankings are released per division, per state and nationally.   Teens are only required to compete at the State Qualifier this year where scores will be tallied to determine national champions.

We are all about fun and participation.  If you can do a push up off your knees you can compete.  If you don’t have enough members from your affiliate you can still compete, just email info@allstarsports.com.au and we will help place you in a great team.


Get your teams together.  All workouts are designed to suit athletes of all levels and all movements can be scaled.  

Upon registration, everyone will receive a quality Allstar Apparel Shirt valued at $29.95*.  Shirts must be ordered a minimum of 30 days prior to your state qualifier.

This year’s National Final will be held in Sydney on December 2nd & 3rd for RXD, Scaled and Masters.

The Teens competition is a two day event only in each state with no national final.  Scores will be tallied from each state event at the end of qualifiers to determine the National Teen Champions. This has been done to promote competition, reduce costs for parents and to help build a national teens competition.


To register a team, your team captain will need a credit card to pay for the entire team. After payment and registration, team captains receive an email on how to invite the remaining team members who fill out their own details.  The free shirt offer must be redeemed at least 30 days prior to the event by each team member.  Captains can change and finalise team members up to 14 days prior to the event.


Now that your team has been created and you are registered as Captain, your members can join your team:

  • Registering under the 'Team Member' category and searching for your team name
  • Send an invite to your Team Members through your My Events portal
  • Log into My Events 
  • Find your All Stars Affiliate Series registration
  • Click on 'Invite general team members'
  • Click on 'New message'
  • Your Team Members will receive invite by email and your team will be pre-populated in registration
  • You can register your Team Members on their behalf if you have all of their details, simply select 'Register someone else' in the registration process
All team members must be registered 14 days prior to your States Qualifier. If your team is not complete 14 days prior to the event, you will forfeit your team’s registration to the next available team without refund.  There is a strict no refund policy.


If you have to make changes to your team leading up to the qualifier, please follow the below process:

  • Log into My Events portal
  • Click on ’Transfer registration to another athlete’
  • Enter new athletes email address
  • New athlete will be sent an email to invite them to claim the registration
  • New athlete can accept registration, complete form and make a payment for the registration if required
  • The original athlete will be refunded any applicable registration fee.

An email will need to be sent to info@allstarsports.com.au if a change in shirt size is required for the new athlete (and must be received a minimum of 30 days prior to your event).



A two day only competition competing in your state.  Your team will be ranked state-wide and nationally at the end of the State Qualifiers.  There is only one category for teens aged between 14 and 17 combined.  All workouts are scalable.  Teams can be made up of different gyms/affiliates.  


Aged 40 + during the year. The masters will run exactly the same as RXD & Scaled divisions. 


All teams will compete side by side on Day One of competition, before being split into RXD or Scaled divisions based upon ability and performance for Day Two. 

No pressure, just have fun, you are already an Allstar!