Follow the leader style of workout where the speed of your first athlete will dictate how high you can climb the ladder.


6-8-10-12-14-16 etc.
Shoulder to overhead 50 / 30 kg
Run 25 m
Box jump overs 20”


All 3 female athletes will begin on the starting mat.  On the call of Go all three female athletes will move to the first workstation and the first female may begin the first round of work.  In the first round the first female will complete 6 STO and then run 25m to the second workstation where she will complete 6 Box jump overs.  As soon as the first female athlete has completed the 6 STO and she has moved off the workstation the second female may move forward and begin her 6 STO.  When the second female has completed her STO and moved off the workstation the third female may begin her 6 STO.  The workout will continue in this fashion with an extra 2 reps added after each full round.  An athlete can catch up but may not pass the athlete in front of them.  E.g. the second athlete can be waiting at the box jump over workstation while the first athlete is still completing the work at that station.  At the completion of the 6 mins there will be a 1 minute transition and then the males will begin.


Females to go first

Athlete may begin work as soon as athlete in front has cleared the workstation.

Ascending ladder of reps.

6 minute time cap.

The shuttle run is not scored.

1 minute transition between females and males.


Time to complete the workout or number of reps completed before cap.


Shoulder to overhead

The movement begins with the athlete standing to full extension of the knees and hips and the bar in the front rack position.  The athlete may use any style of movement including a strict press, push press, push jerk and split jerk to move the bar into the finish position which will see the athlete standing at full extension of the knees, hips and elbows, the feet back in line and the barbell directly over the head.

Box jump over

The movement will begin with the athlete standing on one side of the box with both feet on the ground. The athlete may jump or step up onto the box but the hands may not touch the box.  The athlete may also jump directly over the box but the feet must go over the top of the box. The rep ends on the other side of the box with both feet on the ground.